Bicycle & Luggage Transport
organised with the VeloVans transport network

Transport offers

A portal for the free publication of offers for the transport of bicycles, bicycle accessories and luggage.

Transport requests

A marketplace for cycle tour operators and cycle specialists where transport requests can be posted free of charge.


Join & become part of the VeloVans transport network. The denser the network, the more efficient and sustainable the transport options.

Bike transport for cycle touring companies & other cycle specialists

Welcome to this unique internet portal, the marketplace for cycle tour operators, cycle industry companies and cycle transport forwarders looking for an efficient and sensible way to transport their bikes & bike accessories. Our portal offers a simple solution for all bicycle transport needs - from avoiding empty runs to returning bicycles at the end of a group tour or to the starting point of a cycle tour.

As a cycle tour operator, you have the opportunity here to post your bicycle transport needs and have them transported by other companies. At the same time, cycle tour operators can also benefit from this system by serving other transport requests to avoid empty runs and make transport more efficient and cost-effective.

As a company in the bicycle industry, such as bicycle manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, internet shops or service providers, VeloVans can help to make the transport of bicycles more sustainable & cost-efficient.

Listing is free and easy, so you can concentrate on your other activities without having to worry about transporting your bikes from A to B yourself.

Frequently asked questions about the VeloVans transport network

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