Bike & luggage transport along the Danube Cycle Path

The Danube Cycle Route is a popular long-distance cycle route that runs along the Danube. The route starts in Donaueschingen in Germany and ends in Vienna in Austria, and runs through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia. The trail is around 2,500 kilometres long in total and offers cyclists the opportunity to explore the beauty along the Danube, including river valleys, vineyards, historic towns and villages.

There are a few options for transporting bicycles and luggage along the Danube Cycle Path:

  • Bicycle transport by train: Many railway companies offer the possibility to take bicycles on the train. However, it is important to check before travelling whether there are restrictions on bicycle transport and whether a reservation is required.
  • Luggage transport with a bicycle transport service: There are special companies that offer luggage transport along the Danube Cycle Path. They transport the luggage from one accommodation to the next so that you can cycle carefree.
  • With a trailer or cargo bike: It is also possible to use a bicycle trailer or cargo bike to carry the luggage. This option offers more flexibility and independence, but it is important to make sure that the weight is distributed appropriately to ensure a safe ride.

With the help of the network, it is possible to find appropriate transport service providers who transport the bicycle, bicycle accessories as well as bicycle luggage from one place to another.

Danube Cycle Route Highlights

The Danube Cycle Path offers numerous highlights for cyclists:

  • Wachau Valley: One of the most popular highlights along the Danube Cycle Path is the Wachau Valley in Austria. Here you can cycle through picturesque villages, vineyards and orchards and enjoy the beautiful landscape.
  • Danube city Linz: The city of Linz in Austria is another highlight along the Danube Cycle Path. Here there is a rich cultural landscape, numerous museums and theatres as well as a lively nightlife.
  • City of Passau: The city of Passau in Bavaria, Germany, is known for its baroque architecture and its three rivers (Danube, Inn and Ilz). A highlight is St. Stephen's Cathedral, which offers a beautiful view of the city.
  • Ortenburg Castle: Ortenburg Castle in Bavaria is another highlight along the Danube Cycle Path. Here you can experience the medieval architecture and the historic surroundings.
  • Regensburg: The city of Regensburg in Bavaria is another place of interest along the Danube Cycle Route. Here there is a rich history, a well-preserved old town and a diverse cultural offer.

These are just a few of the many highlights along the Danube Cycle Path. It is recommended to also visit smaller towns and landscapes along the way to enjoy the full experience.

Our Danube Cycle Path Network Partners

Below are some of our partners who are part of our network for luggage and bicycle transport along the Danube Cycle Path.

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