Bike & luggage transport along the Elbe Cycle Path

The Elbe Cycle Route is a popular cycle route that runs along the Elbe River in Germany. There are many ways cyclists can travel along the Elbe Cycle Path and have their bike and luggage transported.

Here are some examples:

  • Cycling tour service: These companies offer luggage transport services for cycling tours along the Elbe Cycle Route. You can drop off your luggage at different places along the cycle path and pick it up again at another location.
  • Tourist information: In the larger towns along the Elbe Cycle Route, there are often tourist information offices that offer bicycle and luggage transport services. These services are usually tied to specific times and locations.
  • Bicycle rental companies: Some bike rental companies also offer luggage and bike transport services.

With the help of the network, it is possible to find appropriate transport service providers who transport the bicycle, bicycle accessories as well as bicycle luggage from one place to another.

Highlights Elbe Cycle Route

The Elbe Cycle Route is a popular cycle route that runs along the Elbe in Germany through several federal states and partly through the Czech Republic. Here are some highlights along the Elbe Cycle Path:

  • Prague: The city full of history, culture and breathtaking architecture. Visitors can see famous landmarks such as the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and the Old Town Square.
  • Dresden: The capital of Saxony is known for its baroque architecture and its art collections, which are exhibited in the Green Vault and the Zwinger.
  • Bastei: The Bastei is a popular excursion destination in the Saxon Switzerland National Park. From here there are breathtaking views of the Elbe and the surrounding cliffs.
  • Meißen: The city of Meißen is famous for its porcelain manufactory and its medieval old town.
  • Magdeburg: The capital of Saxony-Anhalt is known for its industrial history and its green parks.
  • Hamburg: The largest city in northern Germany is known for its harbour setting, its shopping streets and its musicals.
  • Cuxhaven: The coastal town of Cuxhaven is a popular destination for beach holidays and offers many opportunities for hiking and cycling.

Our Elbe Cycle Route Network Partners

Below are some of our partners who are part of our network for luggage and bicycle transport along the Elbe Cycle Route.

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