Bike & luggage transport along the Weser Cycle Path

The Weser Cycle Route begins near Minden in the northwest and ends in Bremerhaven in the north. Along the Weser Cycle Path there are many beautiful landscapes, historic towns and villages and a diverse range of cultural activities to discover. The trail is well signposted and is suitable for both experienced cyclists and families. The route is about 300 km long and offers many opportunities for rest and relaxation as well as for exploring the region.

There are a few options for bicycle transport and luggage transport along the Weser Cycle Path:

  • Bike transport service: Some companies offer a bike transport service along the Weser Cycle Path, where you can have your bike and luggage transported from one station to the next.
  • Taxi driving service: There are also taxi driving services specifically for cyclists along the Weser Cycle Path where you can have your bike and luggage transported.
  • Luggage transport service: There are also luggage transport services where your luggage is transported from one location to the next while you continue on your bike.
  • Coach: Some coach companies also offer bicycle transport and luggage transport along the Weser Cycle Path.

With the help of the network, it is possible to find appropriate transport service providers who transport the bicycle, bicycle accessories as well as bicycle luggage from one place to another.

Highlights Weser Cycle Route

There are many sights and highlights to discover along the Weser Cycle Path, including:

  • Minden: The town of Minden is the starting point of the Weser Cycle Path and offers a historic old town that invites you to stroll and linger.
  • Hamelin: The town of Hamelin is famous for the legend of the Pied Piper and also offers a picturesque old town and a rich cultural and historical landscape.
  • Weserbergland Nature Park: There are many beautiful nature parks along the Weser Cycle Route, including the Weserbergland Nature Park, which is characterised by hilly landscapes and dense forests.
  • Rasteder Felsen: The Rasteder Felsen are a popular destination for cyclists and offer spectacular views of the Weser and the surrounding countryside.
  • Stadthagen: The town of Stadthagen is known for its picturesque old town and its historic buildings and monuments.
  • Bremerhaven: Bremerhaven is the final destination of the Weser Cycle Route and offers a rich history and culture as well as a picturesque waterfront and a lively harbour town.

Our Weser Cycle Route Network Partners

Below are some of our partners who are part of our network for luggage and bicycle transport along the Weser Cycle Path.

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